10 Best Live Train Running Status App

Updated on: February 2021

Best Live Train Running Status App in 2021

Live Train Running Status, PNR Status

Live Train Running Status, PNR Status
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2021

Live Train Running Status

Live Train Running Status
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2021
  • Find trains in one click
  • Find trains between station
  • Exceptional trains

PNR & Live Train Running Status PRO

PNR & Live Train Running Status PRO
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2021

Indian Rail Info - Train Running & PNR Status

Indian Rail Info - Train Running & PNR Status
BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2021
  • PNR Status
  • Live Train Status
  • Train Between Station
  • Seat Availability
  • Live Station
  • Rescheduled and Cancelled train status
  • Train Details

Running Train Status Fast Search

Running Train Status Fast Search
BESTSELLER NO. 5 in 2021
  • 1. PNR Status Check
  • 2. Trains Between Stations
  • 3. Live Train Status
  • 4.Seat Availablity

Live Train Staus

Live Train Staus
BESTSELLER NO. 6 in 2021
  • Train running status
  • Pnr Status
  • Train Birth Availability
  • Live Train Status
  • Train b/w Stations
  • Live Train Announcements

Code 100 Nickel Silver Super-Flex Track (5/Pk) HO Scale Atlas Trains by Atlas Model Railroad

Code 100 Nickel Silver Super-Flex Track (5/Pk) HO Scale Atlas Trains by Atlas Model Railroad
BESTSELLER NO. 7 in 2021
  • Box of Five 36" HO Nickel Silver Superflex Train Track
  • Nickel silver rails and black ties that resemble wood.
  • REQUIRES: Rail Joiners

Indian train live status

Indian train live status
BESTSELLER NO. 8 in 2021
  • Array

NTES - Indian Railway Enquiry System

NTES - Indian Railway Enquiry System
BESTSELLER NO. 9 in 2021
  • ► Option to query all currently running trains going towards a Station or Direction from a station
  • ►All Train Schedule / Train Time Table
  • ► Exectly Spot your train / Present position of any train along with Delays on map
  • ► Current Booking Seat/Berth Availability after chart preparation
  • ► Quick Availability of seats from a Station for Next 7 Days
  • ► Current speed of the train with five nearest stations
  • ► Get destination alarm to give alerts before the train actually reaches the selected station.
  • ► Menu card from the IRCTC which is applicable on all Mail
  • Thank you for using this app.

RailYatri-India Train Travel

RailYatri-India Train Travel
BESTSELLER NO. 10 in 2021
  • GPS Train Locator
  • Train Running Information
  • City Info - powered by RailWisdom
  • Travel Alerts with Push Notifications
  • Train Schedule, PNR Status and More

Traveling in China: How to Buy a Train Ticket

Domestic travel in China can be confusing to the international traveler. Read these essential tips for using the trains to get around.

First, Find Your Train

Although there isn't a normal system for buying train tickets online in China, train schedules are available online. has a way of buying overpriced tickets in advance, but more valuably, it also has schedule information.

Write down the train number and destination you are interested in before going out to buy the ticket. Z and D numbers are night and day fast trains, respectively; T is second best, N and K are somewhat older and slower, and numbers with no letter code are the oldest and slowest trains.

Getting a Train Ticket at the Station

This is how the locals do it: tickets go on sale between two and twenty days ahead (usually five to ten; one of the problems of buying train tickets is the difficulty in finding out when they go on sale.) The best way to get a good seat or sleeper berth is to arrive at the station at that time. This can pose trouble for someone who is traveling through another town on that day, especially during holiday times such as the Chinese New Year (also called Spring Festival) but for travelers who are already in the city where they plan to board the train, going to the station is ideal.

However, this option requires a rudimentary understanding of some Mandarin Chinese words: The name of the desired destination, the words for different kinds of seats and sleeper berths, and an understanding of a few responses you might get.

A holdover from Communist ideals is the idea that seats don't have a "class" - there are just hard seats and soft seats, hard sleepers and soft sleepers. This translates to economy and first class in Western parlance.

A hard seat is yìng zuò (yeeng zwoh) and a soft seat is ruan zuò (rwan zwoh). These are abbreviated YZ and RZ. If you're traveling overnight on a budget, get a yìng wò (yeeng woh, YW), a hard sleeper, and if you want to sleep in style, shell out for a ruan wò (rwan woh, RW or soft sleeper). Hard sleepers are not bad. Hard seats, however, are usually quite crowded.

"How much?" is "duoshao qian", pronounced dwoh-shao chee-en.

The hard sleepers and hard seats fill up faster than the soft sleepers and soft seats, so be prepared with a little extra cash. A traveler who doesn't understand Chinese should bring pen and paper, so that answers to questions such as cost can be written down numerically. Stations usually have at least one employee who can speak some English, but that may not be very much English.

Buying Tickets through a Travel Agent

Agents will not, as a rule, have rail tickets any cheaper than the office at the station, but they may have a few reserved fares available after the station has already sold out. Try a travel agent when the person working at the station shakes their head and says "mei you" (don't have).

They may charge exorbitant rates, but I've met more than one traveler who's been extremely grateful for this service when there's nothing left at the station.

Buying Tickets Online

This is like buying through a travel agent: the sellers who offer train tickets for travel in China online take a pretty big premium, but it's a way to guarantee the trip you want. One site useful for this purpose is , and another was mentioned earlier in this article. They usually charge up to twice as much as one would pay going to the station. Nonetheless, this can be a welcome way to secure the right ticket in advance.